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Re: Assertation -> tor crashes

Marianne Spiller wrote:
> Hi there,
> via pkgsrc, I installed tor- and privoxy-3.0.3_(stable).
> I did a tor server setup; it works for minutes - web access, instant
> messaging and so on. Then it crashes without any comment. I understood:
> it ran as a daemon, so I put in into foreground and get this message:
> assertion "tv->tv_usec >= 0" failed: file "event.c", line 665, function
> "timeout_next"
> [1]   Abort trap              ${command} --Use...
> It's a NetBSD-3.0_sgimips box, running on a SGI Indy, 256MB, 200MHz r4600.

Please provide the Debugging output.
"Log debug" in torrc