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Problem with Tor on an 1.1 USB-Stick


i am looking forward to use TorPark on an 1.1 USB-Stick since
some weeks now. The Problem I found while trying this is, that
Tor has got a Problem with the very slow read/write speed,
i think.
Since Tor 1.1.8-alpha it takes very long (5 min.) to build a
circuit when starting tor from that slow stick. I tried out
different Version of Tor and it seems to me, that 1.1.7-alpha
was the last version running fine from the stick.
When I start it from HDD the problem disapears and the
circuit-building takes only some seconds.

I also tried the last 1.0.x build form Win32, which is 1.0.17.
This Version also runs fine.
I discussed this problem with Arrakistor in his forum very long,
but now i have got some questions to the whole Tor communitiy.

1. Can anyone reproduce the problems with Tor on 1.1 USB-Sticks?
(You can use TorPark form trying it out. A guide for getting
debug-logs is here: http://torpark.nfshost.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=76)
2. Are there any Problem with using Tor 1.0.17? Can I get Problems
in the future when the protocol changes, e.g.?