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Re: Now tor does not work at all...

On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 11:04:02PM +0200, spillerm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.2K bytes in 44 lines about:
: nofiles(descriptors) 64
: sbsize(bytes)        unlimited
: .: Out of file descriptors
: The line nofiles(descriptors) seemed not so okay to my, so I changed the
: line in the startup script to ulimit -n 1200

	The tor startup script in contrib, or available in the rpms,
	sets 8192 file descriptors.  This would be ulimit -n 8192.

: /bin/sh -x /etc/rc.d/tor start seems very wrong to me - the startup
: script loops endlessly.

	You are the first to report this problem.  Can you send me the
	full output of sh-x /etc/rc.d/tor when run as root or via sudo?