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Re: Confiscation Re: Tor appliance

On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 11:11 -0400, Tim McCormack wrote: 
> I'm not so sure that a dedicated appliance or Torpark-on-USB is going to
> help with the confiscation issue.  When the police come in, they take
> *everything*.  They're not going to say "Oh look, it's Torpark on USB,
> let's just take the USB drive."  They'll take the whole system.
> However, a dedicated Tor appliance that is not in proximity to other
> machines might work well.

Something like this one?


We started modifying a Microssft Xbox
(Privacy Box model I)
and ended with a Soekris 4801 (Privacy Box
 model III abd IV)

There are 4 of them (type III and IV) already running
Tor router, privoxy, mixminion & mixmaster remailer


Ciao.   Marco


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