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Re: Re[2]: [INFO] new anonymizing software

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>Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 08:43:12 -0500
>From: Edward Langenback <apostle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  
>Subject: Re[2]: [INFO] new anonymizing software  
>To: "bagelcat@xxxxxxxxxxx" <or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> i2p is not realy new.-) The Version History started in 2003.
>> I have some expirience with it, but i think its offtopic here. Or
>> not? well just a fes comments..
>> - - it a java-app running on java 1.5
>> - - like to get a lot of cpu time+ram
>> - - like to produce a lot of traffic (garlic-routing)
>> - - it is much slower than tor (my opinion)
>> - -creates a darknet wich anonymize the traffic only, NOT the
>> connection itself
>> - - it is possible that i2p can have a great future. But there is alot
>> of work to do.
>- From what I've read, i2p reminds me somewhat of freenet, only without the
>cached data store.  To me, freenet looks like the better option for
>anonymous content publishing / retrieval other than Tor.

when i got i2p running about a year ago i was sorely disappointed to discover
that there was almost 0 support for outproxying. not to mention that java is,
IMO, an unnecessary layer of complexity that has low utility unless you're
writing web-oriented or large sprawling apps.

maybe i2p is a good idea if you need to have a higher level of anonymity w/out
outproxying, but i wouldn't put my faith in the security of anything that is
java based.