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Re: Using Gmail (with Tor) is a bad idea

Hi  *Fabian Keil*   :

> Just in case you wondered whether Tor and Gmail are a good
> combination: They are not.

Just one remark Sir.

This site is accessible by anybody in clear :

which reveal these informations:

DE *zwiebelkuchen       tor.fabiankeil.de                                            
DE *zwiebelsuppe        tor.fabiankeil.de  

So it's easy to find fabiankeil.de

and finally:

You leave your email address in clear (in text) in your web site.
This reveal your ID and this is the best way to be spamed... No?


Did using Gmail + Tor + Thunderbird + Pgp/GnuPG 
and access  Gmail with SSL/TLS connexion is not a better solution ?

Everythings is encrypted this way:
with the SSL/TLS connexion to send/received emails
with GnuPG to encrypt the content of these emails
and with Tor to encrypt all the transmissions...


Claude LaFrenière