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Re: How anonymity software landscape will look

you can replace i2p for services with tor hidden services quite easily,
and as far as content retrieval, which part of the process is your focus
when ascribing insecurity? storage or transit? TOR sorts out transit,
and the server operator using a decently strongly encrypted storage
would keep the storage side decently secure.

Watson Ladd wrote:
> For content retrieval: Freenet/Gnunet.
> For anonymous services: I2P(possibly)
> For anonymous Internet: Tor
> For anonymous email: Onion Routers
> Each piece of software fills a niche in this hierarchy. Tor is the most
> important as it lets people use existing applications anonymously. Sure,
> Tor will have .onion forever, and I2P will have gateways to the
> Internet, but they are optimized for different things. That's why we
> can't just use one solution. Each one fills or will a different need.
> -Watson Ladd