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Re: Question about Tor

syverson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Paul Syverson) writes:

>> I have recently knew about "tor". I need to read more about it,
>> but firstly I wonder weather or not I may use "Outlook Express" or
>> "Outlook" to mail my documents or, instead, I have to install
>> another software diferent of outlook express.
> I am not sure I know what you are asking. By default Tor does not
> ordinary permit sending of email because the default is for Tor
> nodes to not allow mail to exit on port 25, which is the standard port
> for email.

Most public mail services offer MSA (with SMTP AUTH) on port 587 too;
and at least two popular german ones with TLS support.

> It is possible to configure email clients to work with Tor, and that
> may require additional software..

fwiw, Thunderbird (and whole Mozilla suite) works perfectly with Tor
without additional software. It tunnels every connection (IMAP, POP3,
SMTP, HTTP) through the Socks5 proxy.


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