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Re: [pygame] pypy?

sounds very promising!
...will the pypy-translator only be useable for the pypy source? will something like pyrex or shedskin emerge from it as a side effect? or will python on pypy-c be as fast as the kind of code pyrex or shedskin can produce anyway? :)
so far rpython just seems to be a set of rules for using normal python? will there be a real rpython interpreter/compiler (hm... that's the same question as above)?
On 8/22/06, John Eikenberry <jae@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
machinimist@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> on their site they write:
> "Rumors have it that the secret goal is being faster-than-C which is
> nonsense, isn't it?"
> python code will run faster than c? :)

Their goal is to get it to run fast. The 'faster-than-c' bit is sort of a
half-joking goal. C is often used as a sort of benchmark, but is often done
tonge-in-cheek given the history (http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?AsFastAsCee).

> or does it mean python code will run faster than on cpython? or faster than
> on cpython+psyco? what performance will theoretically be possible?

They are definaly shooting for something that will be much faster than
cpython or cpython+psyco. The psyco developer is one of the core group
working on pypy and they are integrating pysco like optimizations into pypy
allowing it to do a lot more than pysco can do for cpython.


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