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Re: [pygame] Pygames on a webpage

On Jan 2, 2005, at 5:34 PM, David Holland wrote:

Sandbox or no sandbox, you still wouldn't be able to
use pygame.  It is
a binding for SDL, a library written in C, that does
not have security
as one of its goals.

If you like the language but need a sandbox, then
use Jython, or one of
the other alternative implementations of Python that
have that
capability.  The alternative is to have the OS do it
for you (chroot,
etc.) but that is not portable.

Thanks for that. Is it possible to write games in Jython (as the syntax is the same as python I might be able to do it) ? David

Jython *is* Python, it doesn't just have the same syntax, it is the same language. Similarly, you can buy a C compiler from Microsoft, Watcom, or Borland. They may behave in slightly different ways, but it's all C.

If you can write games in Java, you can write games in Jython. If you can't write games in Java, you might be able to write games in Jython, but I wouldn't bet on it ;)

I would think long and hard as to whether it's really worthwhile to force yourself to use Java. Is running directly in a browser such an absolute requirement?