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Re: [pygame] simple OSC

On Jan 27, 2005, at 13:15, altern wrote:

Maybe this intererests some of you. We have been developing a set of modules to make OSC.py (Open Sound Control) by Daniel Holtz easier to use. It is called SimpleOSC and it can be downloaded from

We developed it for our own use and to help teaching how to use OSC in python during workshops we give at universities and institutions.

It is not rocket science but we are sure it will help some people getting into OSC in python, this is why we thought about releasing it.

I use it to comunicate from a Python based graphical interface to and PureData sound engine, but it can be send to other software such as SC, MAX/MSP, Reaktor, Flash, Director, OSW ...
it can also be used as any network protocol.

Cool! I wrote some OSC code for Python a long time ago... it communicated with MAX/MSP on one end, and was an XML Socket Server for Flash 5 on the other. This implementation looks a lot better than mine was.. I wrote it for a presentation (in the span of a few hours) and it was really hackish. I'm not even sure I have the code anymore :)