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Re: [pygame] shaking images]

> On Wednesday 04 January 2006 12:31, michael gross fired a shotgun at the
> keyboard and the following appeared:
>> > Even though you have floating point positions for your object, SDL and
>> > Pygame use integer coordinates for all blits and drawing. The shaking
>> > you are seeing is caused by the 'stepping' of the integer positions.
>> >
>> > Flash does filtering on its renderer so you can do subpixel
>> positioning
>> > of objects.
>> ok I understand, so I am wondering if there is a free algorithm which
>> does
>> a similar thing.
> One word: PyOpenGL. :)

ok hmm well I am completely new to the subject and I think or better hope
that the problem of moving an image with some filtering should not be that
difficult even with opengl. do you know any code which does a similar

 best michael