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Re: [pygame] PyGame enters official Debian archive

> Ed recompiled with a non-buggy version of dpkg-dev, and the automatic
> queue and incoming.debian.org now says:
> So hurrah, PyGame enters Debian unstable!  Three cheers for Pete and everyone
> for writing such a good program that Debian like it, and three cheers to Ed for
> taking on the responsibility of maintaining it on Debian.

Hurrah indeed. this is good to know. i'm thinking i should dismantle or
update the debian package in the little pygame unofficial repository,
since it is a couple package revisions behind this new version. is that

> So, looks like you have to wait 10 days ;-)  You also need all 
> dependencies to be in testing (which now appears to be the case - can
> anyone confirm?) and something about builds for other architectures.
> Not sure how to get them.

well i can confirm that pygame compiles cleanly on MIPS. i don't think
MIPS is one of the debian supported architectures, but it makes me fairly
confident that there won't be any trouble when attempting to build outside
x86 :]

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