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AW: [pygame] Pygame comparison to BlitzBasic

Title: AW: [pygame] Pygame comparison to BlitzBasic

Plus: I never heard of any professional game written (or at least prototyped) in BlitzBasic. But there are several very professional games based on SDL. So PyGame inherits the honour of SDL, doesn't it? :-)

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Von: Pete Shinners [mailto:pete@visionart.com]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2001 03:07
An: pygame-users@seul.org
Betreff: Re: [pygame] Pygame comparison to BlitzBasic

> "liquid.py - This example was created in a quick comparison with the
>     BlitzBasic gaming language. Nonetheless, it demonstrates a quick
>     8-bit setup (with colormap)."
> Some folk at work have started using BlitzBasic for some prototyping, so I'm
> interested to hear how your comparison went.  Was Blitz faster or slower?
> What were you comparing?

well, i was not impressed with the 'language' for much. it does one
thing only, make calling graphics functions like blit, clear, etc
as easy as they possibly can be. i'm not really going to criticize it
here, but i didn't like the way it handled just about everything :]

one thing it does have going for it is a much larger (than pygame)
userbase and support stuff. here is the quick 'sample' from the
main website; http://www.blitzbasement.com/bbcom/screens/sourcecode.txt

for runtime, it will be faster than python, but i don't expect it
would be enough to matter for the types of games it is targetting.
the language is very low level, i'd be afraid of trying to do any
sort of game logic and management with this language.

anyways, although my opinion is highly biased, i would 'recommend'
some sort of alternative to anyone looking into blitzbasic. on the
other hand they have enough working projects out there to make a
certain pygame maintainer green with envy :/

it also does have a simple hand-holding ide for people just getting
started, which is certainly a barrier for first time programmers using
pygame on windows. on the other hand, it also costs $50, locks you
into directx, and does not come complete with the shredwheat seal of
approval :]

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