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[pygame] Installing Pygame games

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Francis Irving wrote:


>He also later mentioned the installer being very easy.  Certainly, I
>downloaded the trial version, installed it (on Windows 98), grabbed our
>prototype game from CVS and had it running without _any_ problems.  Even got
>it single stepping in the debugger, though there didn't seem to be any
>breakpoints at all (a bit like in IDLE under Windows at the moment ;-)

What are people's opinion on installing Python/Pygame games? I'm currently
looking into starting packaging of our game on Linux, and there are a few
options for ditributing it:

  * try to package using some nice tool that creates an executable
  * distribute a lot of .py files

We have currently ~190 .py files, and the amount is expected to rise a
little bit before we hit 1.0. It's easiest to distribute all the files in
one single directory, say /usr/lib/thegame/, and create a single "startup"
script or binary as /usr/bin/thegame, which then cd:s to /usr/lib/thegame/
and runs the main game from there. Oh yeah, there's currently ~600 png:s
and other data files too, so an own directory is a must...

Is this bad in your opinion? Should .pyc files be distributed too, as the
game can most likely not write them into the installation directory?

I don't think programs that create installable Python apps work that
well/at all under Linux. For Windows I don't see a problem with
installing. There we can just do whatever we want using one of the
installers, and nobody would notice anything among the general fubarness.


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