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Re: [pygame] SDL_gfxPrimitives

Pete Shinners wrote:

>>This would be _really_ nice to have wrapped for pygame
>>support..  a lot nicer than just lines :)  Anyone up
>>to it? 
>yeah, i have plans to wrap this all in the "draw" module of
>pygame. pretty much tie it in similar to how SDL_rotozoom is
>built into pygame.
>seems like my "todo" list for pygame is growing a lot more
>than it is shrinking :]
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  I did some drawing primitives stuff for you a while back - It wasn't 
too pretty, but none of it ever appeared in a release.  What would you 
suggest I do in the future to make extensions more palatable to pygame?

  I'm putting the finsihing touches now on a c-based a-* pathfinder that 
I'd love to submit sometime soon.

  - Scott

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