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Re: [pygame] Installing Pygame games

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Francis Irving wrote:

>On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 11:35:20AM +0300, Jan Ekholm wrote:
>> Is this bad in your opinion? Should .pyc files be distributed too, as the
>> game can most likely not write them into the installation directory?
>Debian's packages of python code call a compileall script during installation
>which generates the .pyc files while it has root access.  Then the scripts
>can run as a normal user, but still be compiled.

Pygame is compiled too when installing, so this seems like a good
solution. Hmm, compileall seems to be a really useful module. I'll
incorporate a call to compileall.compile_dir() somewhere in the
installation script.

Thanks a lot for the hint!

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