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RE: [pygame] PyOpenGL+py2exe

Regarding copying OpenGL to your app directory, you'd need to exclude the
package from Py2EXE's collection pass or it will collect a package and only
use the partial one in the code archive of the exe.

I'm not likely going to get to this today, so if you want it to get
remembered I'd suggest putting it into the feature request queue for
PyOpenGL at sourceforge.  Likely result would be a recipe for creation of
such packages.

You might even find some people on the PyOpenGL list who have already done
it :) .


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> Tried that of course. I also managed to get rid of most initial errors

> I didn't think I had to go into such an extreme :).. but ok.. you said it
> I tried it.. didn't work at all :P

heh, well i've deferred this to thomas heller, the author
of py2exe. we'll see if he's got any ideas.

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