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[pygame] font path

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 09:15:09AM -0700, Pete Shinners wrote:
> also, in the "all else fails" category, this new version will
> at least look for the default font in the current directory.
> which may help appease the case for standalones?

Perhaps a full-fledged font-path is in order?  Which can default to
['.', $pyd_directory, '\windows\system\fonts', '/usr/share/fonts/truetype',
'/usr/lib/X11/fonts/SomethingOrOther']  (with path seperators properly
joined with os.path.join, of course).  If you really wanted to, you
could probably hack a way to find X's current font path (if using the
X11 display driver).  There are also a growing number of programs that,
like pygame, use a truetype library to render fonts instead of depending
on X to do it (usually because X doesn't antialias), one could see if
there's any standard among those programs about where to find fonts...

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