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Re: [pygame] Blocking events problem? More...

Ok, I'm now absolutely sure I get the events onto the queue, but they get
lost somewhere. My pygame.event.poll() never get them. Printing the
USEREVENT:s in the queue before and after the post() give me this:

I check using  pygame.event.get(USEREVENT).

# before
Menu.handleLeftMousePressed: USEREVENT events now:  []

# after
Menu.handleLeftMousePressed: USEREVENT events now:  [<Event(24-UserEvent
{'object': <event.menu_done.MenuDone instance at 0x865bcac>})>]

So it sure is there, but in the main event loop it's not. Maybe Python is
fubar internally? Too large application and it starts to get corrupted?
Could pygame.event.poll() be the problem (although trying the application
Pete sent me with poll() instead of wait() works just fine). 

And no, no other part of the application handle the event queue, so it
doesn't get lost by some other event handler either.

I've thought about rewriting the code using some other means of
notification, but it's going to be One Great Hack(tm). :)

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