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Re: [pygame] PyGame user interface widgets

On 26.02.2017 05:21, Irv Kalb wrote:
I teach Python programming at two different universities.  At one of my schools, there is enough time for students to do a final project.  I give them a background in event-driven programming, give them an overview in PyGame, and encourage them to build a small PyGame based project.

I have just petitioned for and gotten approval to teach a new course on Object Oriented Programing.  In that course, I will again use Python and focus on explaining OOP concepts using PyGame.  (I'm really looking forward to this.)

However, in order to make things easy for my students, I would like to supply them with a library (module) of easy to use user interface widgets.  For example, a simple button, text display box, text input box, checkbox, etc.  I started by giving out Al Sweigart's PygButton code to my students, and that worked great.  Then some students asked for a text display box, then a text input box.  I wound up building those myself.  Along the way, I wrote additions to Al's PygButton code (for example, adding a disabled state).

My question is: Is there any "standard" user interface widget library that many PyGame developers use?

I have done quite a bit of research on this topic, and have found a few libraries of widgets like what I'm looking for.  I've found:

- pgu
- pqGUI
- sgc
- Albow
- gooeypy

These all seem to attempt to solve the same problem (of creating a set of user interface widgets), but they all have different approaches.  Some seem to take over the basic event loop.  And most don't seem to be current - I haven't found any that have comments after around 2012.

So ... is there one on this list, or one that I haven't found, that seems current and is simple to use?  Or maybe, I'll just keep expanding my own.




Maybe kivy might be an option.


I have never used it so I have no idea how it works!