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Re: [pygame] The long-ish pygame github migration status email.

> Github doesn't really have downloads. We could put all the files in a repo though. This is better I think
Typically "downloads" are under the releases section in github.

On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 12:38 PM, René Dudfield <renesd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


TLDR; git repo, and issues are there. A bit more work to do on other things. Authors, please check your github email privacy settings if you care right away.


Import, and Author mapping.

I used the built in github tool for importing the pygame repo from bitbucket.

Everything seems to be there, including branches and tags.

If you have permission for the repo you can see the authors, and how they were mapped. I managed to find everyone almost.
(If you don't have permissions on github, that just link just shows the pygame repo)

If you don't have your email set to public on your github profile, or a private hidden email via github, you don't get linked up on the pygame/pygame repo page. (I guess if you do want to be private, then that is no problem to you... but maybe someone didn't realise). But if you want to be visible, please either make your email public, or use a github hidden email. I can change the mapping still... but I don't know for how long that page will be there, or if that has an effect later.

Here's some relevant email help pages on github:

Issue migration

Then I migrated the issues from bitbucket to github with this script.

The issue numbers are the same on each one. Issue 147 on github is issue 147 on bitbucket. The issues on gh link to the old bb issue, and the old username.

Unfortunately the script does not make a note on the bitbucket issue about the move. Probably a good idea to do this, but I couldn't find a tool to do it.

What's next?

I'll update the bitbucket to point a url to the github page where I can.

The things below still need to be done.


All of the places should be able to be moved to git. appveyor, travis, launchpad, ...

Github doesn't really have downloads. We could put all the files in a repo though. This is better I think.

We can leave those downloads as they are on bitbucket for now.

However, we need to go around the web and find links which might need updating. (well, at least on our websites).

Website integration.

Need to add a new webhook when something has been moved into the default branch.
The downloads repo could go into /ftp/

Maintainers contacted, and announcements

We need to contact various system maintainers to let them know of the updates. eg, Debian maintainers.

Other repos on pygame to be moved

There's a few other repos that might need moving.


Maybe just these ones?
Lennard, what do you think about which ones need moving to bitbucket?


The bitbucket wiki was spammed into oblivion, and most updates then happened on the pygame webpage wiki. I'll make a backup, and then disable the bitbucket wiki in time.

If someone wants to go through and manually check if there's useful content in there that's not already in the main wiki... please feel free. I guess the easiest way to do that is not through the web, because I couldn't see a history button (maybe it's there somewhere). There is a wiki repo though.

pygame. bitbucket. org

Seems they disabled this some time ago.

Keeping bitbucket repositories there.

I think we need to keep the pygame bitbucket there for the foreseeable future. There's still things we need to migrate, and there's no way of redirecting links. Can decide later if we want to remove it entirely.