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Re: [pygame] What about python 3?

On 01/09/2007, René Dudfield <renesd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> They called people silly/stupid who don't have unit tests.

Oh, great...

Atleast that confirms some of the bad thoughts I had about those guys.
Nowadays they're almost as horrible as the perl-community guys, if not
worse. Some years ago I sent a bug-report for one of the modules (I
don't remember which, i think it was the ftp-module). The module
caused core dumps on my system, and the dev-team were really
interested in the bug so I sent it.

Unfortunately, it seemed I had Python v2.1a4 (or similiar), which was
a one month old release or such, and I had to withstand comments like
(free from memory) "well brainiac, you should be up-to-date with the
version before bug-reporting ;-)". And this was from both Guido
himself and some of the others in the team, in the sourceforge-forums.

I would have atleast expected a bit more professional correspondence
but, alas, no.

- Rikard - http://bos.hack.org/cv/