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[pygame] GUI toolkit, 0.1.2 release, OpenGL!

I have just made the 0.1.2 release of my GUI toolkit, which can be accessed at:
This version introduces initial support for OpenGL.
You will need to install pyFTGL, as apparently OpenGL doesn't do text.
GUI code created for the normal pygame display, should run unchanged in OpenGL. This provides a nice level of progression, if you are moving from 2D to 3D games, as you will still be able to use the same toolkit.
To see this in practise, just run the example file. To run it in OpenGL, just change the display by adding the OPENGL flag, and uncomment the enable_opengl() line.
There is one known bug. If you tab through the widgets, you will see a dotted rectangle appear around the buttons. If you then open and close a dialog window, and tab again, instead of drawing a dotted rectangle, it now draws a thick white rectangle. It only does this in the OpenGL version. I have absolutely no idea what could cause this, and have so far made absolutely no progress on fixing it. :(
Sam Bull