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[school-discuss] [websiteatschool-announce] Website@School 0.90.4 released]

Dear Schoolforge members,

We are proud to inform you that public release 0.90.4 of Website@School is
now available for download at our new download location:


Highlights of this release:

* new editor 'CKEditor' provides better accessibility for visually
impaired or blind webmasters

* full support for 'Bazaar Style Style Sheets' at section and page level

* added several 'skins' to accomodate visually impaired or blind webmasters

* incorporated a gallery of donors in the start centre

* new translation 'Danish'

* new translation 'Portugese'

* new translation 'Hungarian'

* new translation 'Arabic' (under construction)

* new translation 'Persian' (under construction)

* new theme 'Axis'

* bugfix: filemanager now accepts upper case filename extensions

See the file CHANGES.txt in the program directory for full details.

Kind regards,

--Peter Fokker
--Dirk Schouten
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