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Re: [school-discuss] ANN: Calendula - fundraising for nonprofits and schools

Chris Puttick <chris@centralmanclc.com> writes:

>>> (in addition to an easy-to-setup email program that integrates
>>> and group-shares calendar and webmail). 

>> It seems to me that web based groupware systems
>> already have all that is needed.  Is it just a matter of lulling users
>> who are used to Outlook?

> Having Outlook support for migration purposes is essential. 

``Essential''?  So either you preserve the user interface or migration
is impossible?  Then OpenOffice.org and many others must be lots of
wasted effort, since there is no option of replacing a server program
while maintaining a client interface.

I see lots of folks running after proprietary software trying to
create replacements, while in the meantime Microsoft can leisurely
target ex novo installations and start building habits into new end
users.  Doesn't seem like a great strategy to me.