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RE: [school-discuss] Fle3 is a Learning Environment! - Fle3 CSCL

Dear all interested in VLEs/LMSs,

you can ask Teemu.Leinonen@uiah.fi from the Media Lab of the University of Art and Design Helsinki about everything you wish to know concerning FLE3.
I took FLE3 into use in High School Vihti (vyl.vihti.fi) where I teach the German language. Anyone who might to have to user name & password to experiment FLE3 in practice there can contact me, ilpo@ilpohalonen.com .

There's another VLE/LMS named Impressio eJournal, also developed on the basis of the LAMP conception. We use the eJournal especially in teacher training and in our transnational partner projects. The best of the eJournal is that the use of it can be learned in no time at all. The pupils, even the small children, use their creativity to publish articles with images, sound and video links on the web from scratch. If you surf to http://lip.eduprojects.net you can see what teachers report about their projects with the eJournal.

BTW, I think making projects together withnthe colleagues is the basic challenge for teachers in up-to-date teaching. Using the Internet ressources is just a complementary thing.

COMPACT, the Comenius 3 -Network, gives opportunities to teachers to participate in transnational projects with European teachers in many countries. COMPACT has opened eJournals for that purpose in http://ejournal.eduprojects.net/ . Teachers are invited to join our Learn Internet Projects by Doing (LIP) training in LIP eJournals. It is all free of charge and does not include any financial or other involvements.

If teachers are willing to step to FLE3 or Moodle or any other VLE/LMS, they can easily do it after getting some experience with the Impressio eJournal. I have made transnational partner projects since 1993, and this tool, eJournal, is the best one I have learned to know so far. But just like there are cars, vans and lorries your VLE/LMS must be made for the real need you have :-).

Ilpo Halonen
language teacher, project coordinator, ICT trainer

We've been looking at this for a while - it's extremely capable, but to be
used effectively in a UK school would really need to be built around it. An
Academy with vision could probably build their educational approach around
it, or a "real" new build.

Moodle on the other hand... Moodle can be a evolutionary solution...

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"Fle3 is a web-based learning environment. To be more specific Fle3 is server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL). Fle3 is Open Source <http://www.opensource.org> and Free Software <http://www.fsfeurope.org/> released under the GNU General Public Licence <http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html> (GPL). The licence is protecting your freedom to use, modify and distribute Fle3."


It's Zope based. I haven't tried installing, but the demo looks very promising.

I found it on:

- Yishay

Yishay Mor

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