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[school-discuss] Dr Geo 0.9.8

A new version 0.9.8 of Dr. Geo is ready to be download at

Follow a part of the change log:

With this release we are proud to introduce our Dr. Geo Scheme Figure
(DSF) feature. In the following release, we will concentrate in
enhancing, stabilising and documenting it. Eventually advices from the
Scheme community will be seek.

Here follow some description about the DSF.

* Set up the Dr. Geo Scheme Figure (DSF) interface to let the user
defines figure as Scheme code. From the interface point of view, we
have added the File->Evaluate menu command which let the user loads and
evaluates a DSF. The cool things about DSF are:

 - Figure are mostly written in a rather natural language, this is the
easy part

 - But the coooolest aspect is that DSF is just Scheme code, which
mean you can define a figure recursively or you can abstract even
higher the way you construct your figure. Let's say defining a triangle
model over the DSF API then using it into your figure definition.

More informations and example at http://ofset.sf.net/drgeo/log.html


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