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Re: [school-discuss] Some questions about OSS in education:

On 14 Aug 2004 at 22:04, wen heping wrote:

> Hi:
>     I think it is better to use OSS in school than to use Microsoft's 
> product, and i believe that OSS would be the mainstream in education of ICT 
> in several years.But i have some questions about OSS in education now:
>     1 Suppose in the future most of the k12 schools us OSS as ICT tool,then 
> when we look back,what is mark of the beginning of OSS in education?

Extremadura, Spain.

>     2 Which Linux distribution is the best for school?I s it Debian? LTSP? 
> FedoraCore? Gentoo or sth. else?


>     3 Which country is the most active in applying OSS in education now? It 
> is said that Latin American countries are more interested in using OSS in 
> education than the other parts of the world, is that true?

Spain? www.linex.org
where is the people of Skolelinux from?

Argentina is also active: gleducar

>     4 Which is the most important paper that advocates OSS in education? 

Could it be this:

> Those who like OSS always think E.S.Raymond's <<The Cathedral and the 
> Bazaar>> as their Bible, is there such a Bible in OSS in education?
>     5 What is the percentage of the k12 schools that use OSS instead of 
> Microsoft's product now in your country?

Ecuador 0.0001%

>     6 I heard that Latin American is very active in applying OSS in k12 
> education, is that so? Anybody cab afford me some information about 
> it?Better in English.


But all of this:

Linex, Gleducar, Skolelinux etc are about "Free software" not
about OSS.