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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] FOSS to become more environmental friendly?

Pamela McLean wrote:

Dear Sid - but I hope of interest to most list members.

Ref your question on computers, greenhouse gases, and better power
supply - if concern about greenhouse gases leads to computers with lower
power consumption then that has to be good news. It is good for people
in places like rural Nigeria where power supply is a huge problem (and
for anyone concerned about sustainable energy).

There is already another solution addressing the problem of power
consumption, which may interest you and other list members. It is the
ultra low power Solo computer, which I have tried in Oke-Ogun, and
intend to get as soon as they come onto the market. That should be soon.
See photos of the second generation prototype during field tests with my
friends in Oke-Ogun http://www.explan.co.uk/solo/market.html . Notice
especially the size of the two small solar panels which are sufficient
to keep the Solo permanently powered. They can be seen in the photos
mounted on small stands, because the Solo was being transported from
place to place. The panels could be mounted on a roof of course if the
Solo is kept in one location.
There's also the Simputer (http://www.simputer.org/ ) from India. Seems

There's an effort out of Carnegie Mellon
(http://west.cmu.edu/executive/pdc/projects/pctvt/pctvt.htm ) with
pricing targeted at around $250 US but I don't think it's low power.
It's based on Windows.

I don't really know the status of these projects though.
Dr. Robert G. Rittenhouse, Chair
Department of Computer Science
McMurry University, Abilene, TX 79697-0968