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Re: [school-discuss] Tools and Creativity

To Michael and anyone else who might be interested:

At the risk of appearing to be a spammer, I'll suggest that you
purchase one of my prints from my site at Saatchi Online....


....or Fine Art America....


....and put it up on a classroom wall. Then use it as the starting point
for a discussion, and see what happens.

If the prices on the prints are too high for your budget, you can send
me a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I can provide you with a
miniature but fairly high quality version of one of my works. This might
still do the trick as a conversation starter. I'll do my best to answer
whatever questions come my way.


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so true, so true.

I've never thought about the irony though. i wonder to what extent adobe 
help promote this point of view - it would certainly be in their interest.

i'm not sure how to change this, but i welcome suggestions. as a teacher 
i feel i have a slight opportunity to at least introduce a different 
perspective, and i want to make the best of it.

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