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[school-discuss] From Slashdot

FYI, copied from Slashdot

A Year of Linux Desktop At Westcliff High School http://clicks.slashdot.org/ct.html?ufl=9&rtr=on&s=x8pb08,1kte3,10sc,kzhs,kac1,dtqj,kwzd
From the freedom-for-all department
jrepin writes "Around a year ago, a school in the southeast of England, Westcliff High School for Girls Academy (WHSG), began switching its student-facing computers to Linux, with KDE providing the desktop software. The school's Network Manager,... Read More http://clicks.slashdot.org/ct.html?ufl=9&rtr=on&s=x8pb08,1kte3,10sc,kzhs,kac1,dtqj,kwzd

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