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Re: [school-discuss] student marking software

At 18:49 10-12-05 -0500, you wrote:
>[Please include Mr. Bogdan's email address as a recipient for any replies.
 Doug Loss]
>Hi, I am a system administrator at the "Politehnica" University of
>Timisoara, Romania (http://www.upt.ro/english/index.php) and I am
>looking for an open source implementation of:
>a) a "student marking" software. What I have in mind is a php+mysql
>implementation in which teachers can mark the students online and the
>students can check their marks. (something like
>b) a "free classroom" program in which a teacher can mark a classroom
>as "occupied" (at the same time interval - weekly) and in case he
>can't make it set a note "to recover at <date>"
>c) other software (preferably on unix/linux) that can improve
>efficiency a university
>Also please cc me the answer as I am not on this list.
>Thanks in advance,
>  Vaida Bogdan
Esteemed Mr. Bogdan,
Maybe it's an idea to join the list?
Yours humbly,
Dirk Schouten

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