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Re: [school-discuss] Video Software

lee rodgers ha scritto:
> Virtual Dub, WinDV, AviDemux & Jahshaka may be what you're looking for...

Don't forget "blender":

It has been the main tool to build "Elephants Dream" so... you can see
what is it capable of ;-)

in the ending-title-list, you can see also the complete list of software
they used to build and author the film.

Blender is a very professional tool so... don't think to just "launch
it" and start using it without some kind of (deep?) knowledge.

> Depending on what you're doing there's also Wink & Wax to consider, and
> CamStudio (was DemoStudio).

Although it produce "classic" video-files, CamStudio is a really nice
tool to grab and record the video of the user:

If you prefer SWF videos, you can give a look to VNC2SWF:
It seems to run also on Win32 but surely you can a have a VNCserver on
Win32 and a VNC client on Linux, dealing with VNC2SWF issues.



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