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[school-discuss] Case Studies system online!

The initial version of the SchoolForge Case Studies system is now up and running! Registered users have the ability to add and edit entries, which is great because there are a few little things that need to be cleaned up. :-) 

The case studies system can be viewed here.

If you have a moment, please take a look and offer any suggestions and feedback that comes to mind. (I've outlined some of the to-do's for this on the website as well) 

Now I'm going to focus the Coalition members form and listing. 

After that, I'm thinking of adding maybe one 'general' discussion forum, and there might be some interesting tools that interface discussion lists with forums (it would be a specific 'list forum' to be used for discussions/project updates/seeing if new ideas gel with efforts already underway elsewhere) and not the general discussion.  Before doing something like this, I'm looking into finding out what is needed to enable digest subscriptions to the list.  It would be nice to bring the subscription management tools onto the website, so that there would be an interface that could be used for unsubscribing, or selecting digest/individual list access, etc - and possibly show the list archives through the website as well.