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Re: [school-discuss] Updated Coalition Procedures - Members sign up here


At the moment, your described recourse would be the proper step to take.  Your response on December 15th did not address the presented concerns, in fact, you describe your code as open source in the same sentence that you mention that it isn't licensed.  That makes no sense ... as it's not open source unless it's licensed in such a way that it grants the end user specific rights to reuse the materials. 

Your message also seemed to focus on collaboration, which is a (wonderful) method of creating resources - but has little to do with being "free and open" in relation to the resources that are created (notice when I mentioned wikipedia, I stated "free and open - *and* facilitates ... resource building through collaboration.")  I'm not sure what sort of response you're looking for here, I think you're a smart guy - so the manner in which you convolute terms understood by the community doesn't add up.  As far as progress made towards defining an active Coalition, I think that we did everything we could to communicate that we were "looking out" to determine what was necessary to move forward.

Furthermore, responses will be provided in the time that is necessary to ensure that what is presented is researched and furthers our commitment towards sharing, implementing, and creating resources that are free and open.  In the spirit of open collaboration (even if it's a round about approach), thank you for your contributions thus far.  I sincerely hope that you will work to bring your projects on board.