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Re: [school-discuss] Teacher Needs Help

This is really great feedback / insight that she has provided. 

An honest question, does the website fail to welcome folks that may feel judged by asking questions that demonstrate ignorance? 

I think many in this community are proud to be the ones that try to bridge the gap in understanding. 

When we wrote the copy on the website inviting folks to our group, it seemed pretty good.  But now after seeing this feedback, I realize that the invitation to join the discussion was really within this context of "software, software, freedom, downloads, developers.."  the website doesn't frame the context as 'you're a teacher, lets solve a problem here!' 

Laura (LM) and David are working to address this and in moving SchoolForge forward, but again within the context of "software".  One of the first things Laura requested was categories for educational subjects (math, science, etc)  which are already some of the most popular sections on the site. 


On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 1:48 PM, Joel Kahn <jj2kk4@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have been communicating with an art teacher named Kelly Bethel.
I encountered her on Linkedin. Here are excerpts from one of her
early messages to me:

>I have an old PC that takes up most of my desk. I had to ask
>for a projector to hook up to my computer so that I can show
>students art examples and other things we discuss in class. . . .
>I try to use the technology, but since my computer is so old,
>it sometimes wastes a lot of time loading images, or even
>freezing up. . . . Very frustrating. Must save time for the actual
>production, and of course, clean up time. My principal expects
>results. Things to display. They are not going to purchase enough
>computers for any art class so that we can do [digital] art.

And here are excerpts from a message she sent me after I'd
pointed her towards the Schoolforge web site:

>[For] the past 3 years (before June this year), I lived on the back
>side of Mudlick Mountain, in SE Missouri.  We did not have TV
>service or internet at home.  And I was not teaching full time, so
>I was not on a computer very often at all.  It seems that technology
>has taken off and left me in the dust. After rummaging through the
>SchoolForge site, I am thinking that I do not know the lingo well
>enough to even ask questions. . . . I need help. Please.
(If you don't believe there really is a peak called Mudlick Mountain,
throw the name into your favorite search engine.)

To experienced veterans of SchoolForge, Kelly's symptoms should be all
too familiar; I diagnose this case as Microsoft Disease combined with Future
Shock. The patient has consented to the release of her email address:

The important thing with administering treatment in this situation is to use the
greatest possible care and caution--slow and easy does it. I think the patient
has the potential for great improvement as she gradually learns about FLOSS,
but we have to allow lots of time. Those of you who choose to make contact
with her should keep this in mind.

Best of luck and Happy Holidays.