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[school-discuss] Your Open Source Project won 1st place! (Taos.com)

Dear Friends,

Great news!

We discussed project ideas a while back and some of us have been in touch about ideas off-list.  The new year looms as an opportunity to get the ball rolling.  I hope you'll put some time aside on your new year's agenda for helping schoolforge.net get the word out in a more effective way.  I just want to open this one up to your perusal.  I am in favor of setting up a (small) company and applying for non-profit status.  However, if any of you would like to sponsor us, somehow (sounds complicated legally), then we could put the money toward making a start on teaching materials -- not sure what we'd pay for, but, I'm sure there'd be costs.

Better ideas would be welcome.
A. Legal entity possibilities:
1.  Set up our own and request non-profit status (someone willing to be the address of schoolforge.net? -- my company is in Thailand and non-profit status requires property -- which foreigners cannot have.  Plus you need 200,000 Baht (US$6666.66) and you don't get tax-free status -- setting up a school is the only way to get that.  A W-2 implies the US, right?  Despite its set of complications, I think that the US is the easiest to set up in -- but you have to choose the right state.  Deleware looms large as easy to set up in, but I don't know whether that would help us when applying for non-profit status.)
2.  Piggy-back on another organization's legal status (where, who?).

B. Assuming we get the above worked out, then what to do?

* Let's go back to ideas again --
1. Personally, I'm for focusing on two things: teaching materials and
2. Training for both teachers and sys ads. 
3. However, we need something aimed at decision makers, too: school admins and tech admins who advise them.

Please feel free to make comments and suggestions about A and B.

Thank you,


In the interest of protecting privacy, I've deleted the name and e-mail of the sender, but not the award letter information (Have a look at Taos.com -- they're offering us this funding):

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    Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 20:11:57 -0800
    From: David Bucknell <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [school-core] Re: [Feedback] Your Open Source Project won 1st place!
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-Dear Taos.com,

Thanks very much for this very generous offer of support.

After receiving your message, we discussed asking a certified non-profit to help us, but I  didn't have time to follow it up.  I think that's what we need, right?

Or, maybe we could use the money to apply for non-profit status.  I am copying this to schoolforge.net's core group to ask what they think.  I think I would like to do the latter.

Best wishes, and thank you _very_ much for your kindness.


David Bucknell
On behalf of Schoolforge.net

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    Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 14:18:11 -0800
    From: sender at taos.com
Subject: [Feedback] Your Open Source Project won 1st place!
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> Candice Rose (crose@xxxxxxxx) sent a message using the contact form at
> https://schoolforge.net/contact.
> Hello,
> A little while back I had emailed you informing you of a contest the your
> Open Source project had been nominated for. I am happy to let you know that
> you have won Taos' Open Source Advocacy contest! SchoolForge.net has won
> $1,000.00 in free funding and we are thrilled to award the prize to such a
> worthy open source project. Who may I speak with directly about getting the
> prize money to School Forge? For accounting purposes we will only need a
> completed W-2 sent over to us in order to be able to issue the check to you.
> If we get it this week we will be able to get it to you before year's end.
> Congratulations!
> Look forward to speaking with a representative soon,
> Candice Rose
> Community Manager
> Taos

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