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Re: [school-discuss] Teacher Needs Help

Joel and others...

while it is interesting to read your encounter with Kelly the teacher near Mudlick mountain... Â I have few concerns to point out... Â

>I have an old PC that takes up most of my desk. I had to ask
>for a projector to hook up to my computer so that I can show
>students art examples and other things we discuss in class. . . .
>I try to use the technology, but since my computer is so old,
>it sometimes wastes a lot of time loading images, or even
>freezing up. . . .

here you could ask about the computer... Âwhat year, make and parts are in it. ÂKnowing the computer capability goes a long way in whatÂrecommendationsÂcan come about for configuration.Â

I have quite a bit of Âexperience with so called old computers - Âoften more than not it is less the age of the computer and more the way folks set it up or fail to maintain it that results in an increasingly slow computer.Â

To experienced veterans of SchoolForge, Kelly's symptoms should be all
too familiar; I diagnose this case as Microsoft Disease combined with Future
Shock. The patient has consented to the release of her email address:

I am not sure what Microsoft disease is... Â I am very happy user of twoÂMicrosoftÂproducts including Windows 7 and MS Office 2010... both exceptional tools. Â

The important thing with administering treatment in this situation is to use the
greatest possible care and caution--slow and easy does it. I think the patient
has the potential for great improvement as she gradually learns about FLOSS,
but we have to allow lots of time.Â

FLOSS in itself Ânot a solution to the problems brought to our attention here, in fact if not treated carefully i can become an even bigger problem... for instance if someone is to convince her to switchÂapplicationsÂthat are not supported nor understood... Âa case in point is on my current job where they advocate school switching to Ubuntu... Â while I am personally all for it in terms of licensing issues it also introduces complexities whereby you really need a seasoned user on hand or small problems easily become bigger in no time at all.Â

here I suggest not pushing too much on others as we must recognize that the learning curve with computers is quite high for most people.Â

Just my 2 cents on the issue..