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[school-discuss] Press Coverage

My local paper, the Bolivar Herald-Free Press....


....has published a front page story about the
digital artwork that I've been producing using
the GPL-licensed programming language BASIC-256.
The reporter who interviewed me and whose byline
is on the story is Jessica Drews:


During the interview, I showed her the web site
of the Free Software Foundation and I gave her
a quick summary of the concepts. However, Libre
Software gets no real coverage in the article.

Perhaps you folks out there could encourage her
and her employer to do a bit of follow-up work on
the broader picture. I've hopefully established
a starting point; now I'm looking for some help
in moving things further.

Ms. Drews is not a computer expert, but she is
a regular Mac user at her workplace. She is also
a taxpayer and a parent of school-age children.
You ought to have some tools to get going with.

I'll do my best to answer any questions.


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