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Re: [school-discuss] what pieces of software would you demo to K-12teachers ?

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 07:19:46 -0800
"Tim Mansfield" <tim@whyintheworld.org> wrote:

  > Hi,
  > If you had just a brief time in which to demo open source software to a
  > bunch of K-12 teachers...

I will definitively make a live demonstration with Freeduc-cd
(http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-cd) :-) (Note: I may not be objective :)

Therefore from the live-cd, I will make small demonstration of some
interesting but sometime not well know software:

Xrmap: which is a kind end user SIG, featuring a world map with data
about the various countries. Very interesting to locate foreigner
country you never know about before

Sunclock: it is a quite interesting world map with daily and nocturne
phase, plus you can play with the day time, usefull to show the
evolution of the day and night depending on the time of the day and the
day in the year (winter/summer)

Wims: A wonderfull math. exercice server

gnome-dictionnary: as you seem to be an  English speaking person, you
can demonstrate the Freeduc embedded English dictionnary. There are some
other dictionnary, you need to look at them with the gnome-dictionnary

Of course there are lot more to demonstrate from Freeduc as more common
tools as some people have already explained (OpenOffice, Gimp, Scribus,
Sodipodi, Dia, etc). Also demonstrating GCompris may interest primary
teacher, DrGeo will catch for sure math. teachers. TeXmacs + plugin is
another wonderfull tool you may want to try.

Probably, you may need to choose the software according to your

Well really Freeduc-cd is really about making the show to go on and it
will be  your friend :-)

Note: you can also decids to start Freeduc in another language than
English, for example in Spanish.