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I was inspired by Marilyn Hagle's comments on LyX to try
to implement it on my  home machine, then perhaps suggest
it to others.  Unfortunately, several hours of downloading
different versions and trying to make libraries consistent
has led to no joy.  I am using LINUX, RedHat 9 version on
an Athlon (IBM-type) machine whereas it appears that most
of the verions out there are written for Debian LINUX
running on a MacIntosh.

Would those of you using LyX please tell me what OS on what
machine you are using.  Of course I'm particularly
interested in anyone who is running LyX on a 386-type machine
with RedHat Linux.

Sounds like a great program.  Might have to learn to use
TEX as well, a chore I've been avoiding for years.

	Ralph M. Deal,  retired physical chemistry prof interested in helping schools take advantage of LINUX