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[school-discuss] Throwing Themselves Into Technology

Richard Andrews wrote:

>This is a case of throw themselves into technology
>(any will do, but better be Micro$oft to make sure)
>and hope for the best. If it were an Open Source
>project that would be a bit different, because there
>would be ethical folk in the newsgroups saying "Um--
>are you sure about this?" instead of "Insert card and
>enter PIN; we'll work out the details later."

Richard gives a good sharp description of a phenomenon
that I've seen happen with disgusting frequency in
business, government, education--everywhere. The only
thing as repulsive as the strange mixture of wishful
thinking, gullibility, and cowardice in the victims is
the totally unprincipled and ruthless greed of the
manipulative creeps who take advantage of them.

I think it is a hopeful sign that Micro$oft, with their
Vista fiasco, has finally managed to produce a line of
products so horrendous that the victims are, at long last,
forced out of their inert lethargy and into looking at
what actually is happening. Is it too optimistic to think
that more people are really probing the harsh realities
of technology instead of clinging to their fantasies?


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