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Re: [school-discuss] M$ Windows Problems

My stance on Microsoft is "who cares".
Linux and FOSS projects didn't get to be successful by emulating or being a
better Microsoft, but rather going in completely the opposite direction and
ignoring Microsoft: security versus convenience, trust versus secrecy,
flexibility versus rigidity, serving users versus serving shareholders,
controlled from on-high versus driven by the masses.

Consider what characteristics you (as a school) would rather expose your
students to via a technology partner: the secret, inflexible, greedy, fascist
state; or the secure, flexible, benevolent democracy.

Vista is a dog. Even the CEO at my day job tossed away Windows and went Mac
because of Vista.

--- Joel Kahn <jj2kk4@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There are, of course, significant questions as to whether
> Windows 7 (or whatever its name will finally be) is really
> going to appear in 2009. I'm seeing some forecasts that
> 2011 is more likely. It is a fairly safe assumption that
> the sooner it ships, the more screwed-up it will be--
> unless, of course, it amounts to nothing more than a big
> bug-fix of Vista, which won't exactly improve the image of
> M$ a whole lot. Even if we assume that a longer wait for a
> new Windows allows M$ to come out with something *really*
> significant (which I consider *highly* doubtful), what
> will be going on when it finally hits?

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