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[school-discuss] Open Sesame & Open Source Evangelism

Hello all,

I just want to announce that as part of my new role as Open Source Evangelist at LibLime I will be blogging about libraries and open source (not limited to LibLime) at Open Sesame http://blogs.liblime.com/open-sesame/ .  My intro post is here: http://blogs.liblime.com/open-sesame/archives/6 and the RSS feed for subscribing is here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/LibLimeOpenSesame .

I look forward to hearing from all of you regarding open source in general and in regards to libraries.  Feel free to email me with any news you think I might be interested in.

I also can be found presenting about open source all over the place.  Keep an eye on my schedule: http://www.web2learning.net/about-me/my-presentinglearning-calendar and make sure you come by and say hi if you're at the same event as I am.

Nicole C. Engard
Open Source Evangelist, LibLime
(888) Koha ILS (564-2457) ext. 714
AIM/Y!/Skype: nengard