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[school-discuss] Needs, Problems, and Opportunities?


Okay. We've got an organization. Now what are some of the "burning issues"
that need resolution in education? 

What kind of software do classroom teachers need? For 12 yr olds? For 14yr

What kind of curriculum resources are needed?

What kind of presentation software is the best? Does something exist that
doesn't generated graphics for web viewing but instead generates native
html and also allow the data to be reused rather than be tied up in some
proprietary format?

The list goes on....

I've created a tool called a Needs, Problems, and Opportunities (NPO)
Database to allow folks to post some "NPO"'s and others to post comments
and allow others to view them. It's simply a quick start toward the larger
issues that we can hopefully identify and start to address in the future.....

Located at:


Les Richardson