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[school-discuss] About Open Source in European Union

Hey people, did you know that European Union is offering funding for various 
(also Open Source) eLearning projects inside the EU region. Now it's time to 
write and send an application because the period for applications is closing 
in end of March, 2002.

I think it's possible to get support for Open Source eLearning projects. In 
Council of the European Union Resolution, 2001/C 204/02, chapter 10) part 
VIII, Invites the commission:

"To support the development of European multilingual educational resources, 
platforms and services, taking into account, when necessary, education and 
training-related aspects of intellectual property rights and the use of new 
distribution methods, and the development and promotion of internationally 
aspected standards and open source software"

( http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/elearning/reso_en.pdf )

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Teemu Arina