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Re: [school-discuss] AOL in Negotiations to Buy Red Hat (washingtonpost.com)

Matt Jezorek wrote:
> > Please, do not forget that RedHat support the core Linux
> > technology: gcc, IIRC.
> This scares me even more, wonder if this deal goes thru if the support for
> these groups will continue, also wonder how quick it will be before alot of
> closed source stuff ends in the redhat install, does it become a marketing tool
> like windows is to alot of companies, So now we though AOL icons on the
> desktop, closed source libraries, and other stuff, kinda scary to think about.
Don't get too worried just yet.  The deal hasn't gone through yet, if it
does it's not obvious that AOL will try to take RedHat in the direction
that Caldera went, if they do and stop supporting things like gcc,
GNOME, etc, their employees who are currently working on those may
continue to do so anyway from personal conviction, if they don't
continue others will likely step in to pick up the work load.

I think that if RedHat somehow is turned toward increasing
proprietization of their distro, the major effect will be to boost
SuSE's and Mandrake's sales.

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