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Re: [school-discuss] ZIS Server (was: Project Proposal)

Les Richardson wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> What can we build this thing with? Can it be built with Perl (since I'm a
> Perl Person) and some of the perl modules, etc. in conjunction with
> Apache, etc.
> I also assume that at least initially it will only support a subset of the
> commands...(ie Zis_Ack).
> What have to written your "ACK Server" in? <grin>

Les, Steve, Michael, and whoever else is interested in helping, when you're
ready to work on this let us know and we'll make whatever site hosting services
you need (CVS, mailing lists, databases, webpages, etc.) available.  This could
be on SEUL or some other willing site (Paul, might K12OS want to be part of
this?), but we'll definitely find room.

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