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[school-discuss] ZIS Server Dreams

I've been looking at the SIF specs and muttering...oh my, oh my, ...

It seems to me that there are several things that have to come before the
ZIS server

To me it would seem like more pressing solutions would be:

1) Building SIF compliant applications that have a built in agent to talk
to ZIS servers. One would like to have a small complement of apps to carry
out the core administrative functions, which IMHO are:
a) attendance
b) student demographics
c) report cards (ie. student reporting)

2) A toolkit (or software assemblage) including good documentation to SIF
enable existing applications.

3) A good database schema for student demographics, grade book/report
cards, attendance, 

I would think that #3, and #2 would lead to number 1...more SIF capable
apps. Once we have a few of those, then ZIS server could occur. Otherwise,
I would say that it's premature...

My 2 cents USD (1 cent CDN).

Les Richardson